-: May 06, 2019 / firstman

School news

With recent campus safety issues, more schools have updated their security.

Regardless of the size or location of a campus, safety precautions need to be taken to protect students and faculty. With recent campus safety issues having made national headlines, many campuses are re-evaluating their school security measures and are not only investing in new tactics, but also working to ensure that traditional strategies are being properly executed. Below are several security measures, ideas and new technologies that campuses and students across the country are utilizing to stay safe.

One of the most simple but important ways to keep staff and students safe is to ensure that all personnel are properly trained and educated on standard safety procedures and are aware of the proper steps to take in the case of a campus emergency.

Maintaining a constant and visible security presence is also an important factor in campus security. Campuses should be constantly patrolled by trained, uniformed security officers. Emergency blue light phones are also a great way to demonstrate a security presence. These phones are direct lines to 911 and campus security. They are convenient, available 24/7, and highly visible, making them an effective crime deterrent.

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