Technicians in Medical Field are a needed and emergency role. We at Firstman Management Services (P) Ltd. Provide technicians for LAB and Paramedical staffs at hospitals and Health Cares.

Trained and Experienced staffs in this domain and once the scrutinizing is done according to the client need based on the medical field each staff will be appointed.

Certificates are verified and their ability to work on shifts is tested before allotting work on their domain.

Since it is mainly on Human Health and Soul we take double step verification at any point.


Firstman paramedical services team is working from more than ten years in the field and has gained more experience with advancement in the field. Our skilled paramedical staff has wide range of services to offer including emergency care assistance, first aid staff, emergency medical technician, nurse practitioners, critical care paramedics, pre-hospital trained doctors and advanced paramedics.

With the leading independent services in the India, we are dedicated in offering top quality care of higher standards that every customer is expecting. We are aspired to meet our goals all the time by offering best services to our clients. Along with the first aid services, we also offer medical staff to meet your medical needs and ambulances for your immediate delivery to the hospital.

Event First Aid

Firstman paramedical company is becoming the national first aid provider as well as the event medical services provider in India. Whether you are looking for one event or you are coming across the national portfolio, our dedicated team is tailored to meet the needs.

From the basic first aid to the ambulances with registered paramedics, Firstman paramedical staff is always here to offer the services that you are looking for. If you want an event management with the paramedical services then there is no problem. The company directors have more than ten year of experience and they have taught the team to be there not only on the day but from the start and remain there till the end. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in event planning and after you have been done with the event management, we will serve you with the necessary information required after the event.

Medical Staff

The Firstman paramedical staff also carries experts that are highly enthusiastic about offering the top quality and best pre hospital care to everyone who needs.

Whether you want our expert paramedics on urgent basis or you want to increase the number of staff for some client on last minute, our paramedics are trained to provide their services on time. We always ensure that your event must run smoothly and safely without any worry to you.
Whether you belong to a small medical organization who is going to hold an event with the larger health care professionals or you are a big company who requires medical staff on urgent basis, Firstman paramedic’s staff is always ready to cater your needs.


Being the top class pre hospital service provider, Firstman Paramedics Company is operating large number of emergency vehicles in order to provide maximum patient care. We always care for every kind of patient we interact with. Our leading technician and paramedical crew operates all the emergency vehicles and offers the most rapid car response. We try to get to our patient as soon as we can.

The best part of our ambulances is that they are highly equipped to match the needs of every single patient. We always ensure that our patients get advanced support of life with the better care and thus we make ourselves readily available for the critical patients.