We offer a standard quality of cleaning and customized care where most clients have specific needs. We deploy trained & groomed janitors with flexible cleaning schedule as per the customer requirement & work timings. We follow safety norms in our every operation and have zero accident policy in executing every job.

Our experienced Housekeeping team is here to make a difference in commercial Housekeeping requirements. Housekeeping can be a daunting task when suitable strategies have not been taken up to make certain that an area is well clean and sanitized.

Our objective is to facilitate each company, organization, hospitals, educational institutes, residential complexes, shopping malls, IT Park and other commercial establishment to attain the highest excellence in keeping a clean working environment.

We can offer you excellent commercial housekeeping services together with great price offers that are affordable in the market standards.
With experienced and highly skilled professional housekeeping janitors, your company has nothing but eminence services to offer the market. Since the first impressions are what counts in a business, having a perfect atmosphere and appearance of the office will certainly attract more clients to the business.

Flexible Housekeeping to-do list will be provided to our housekeeping janitors to maintain premises. We provide,

  •  Daily cleaning services includes sweeping and mopping of all floors, common area and outdoor areas.
  •  Dusting and cleaning of all common furniture of the premises.
  •  Collection and segregation of garbage.
  •  Carpet cleaning.
  •  Spotless cleaning of windows, glasses.
  •  Sanitary services with most antiseptic chemicals.
  •  Deep cleaning.
  •  Water tank cleaning.

Our team of dedicated janitors will be on duty, and the materials we use will satisfy the need and the maintenance will be up to the expectation.
Cleaning the premises before the first foot step in and making the comfort ability of the working atmosphere. Window Cleaning and glass cleaning are done periodically in order to maintain the perfection towards the tidy look.
Firstman dedicate to enhance customer services through quality, professionalism, modernized and mechanised services. We offer integrated facility management services to our client to simplify the course of action and become one point of contact for facility management services.