It Happened nowadays to use a fresh lemon to wash the hands and use concentrated lemon for welcome drink.

In the same way it is also followed at many places to use a room freshener or a scented floor cleaner to maintain the freshness inside and outside the cabin or a house.

Moving with nature is healthy and strength to gain fresh thoughts and immunity. We at Firstman Management Services (P) Ltd.

Suggest everyone to have a small garden in the office space, house, terrace garden or a Vertical garden.

We have a team of Specialist who will suggest the type of plant apt for your provided space, fertilizers and regular visit to make it a part of the Organization that will be an identity later.

Firstman gardening and horticulture staff is aimed at offering wide range of all the services related to horticulture. Our expert staff is skilled in offering commercial or residential grounds maintenance, landscape planting, landscape buildup and design, turfing, fencing and decking. Our team offers services that includes every kind of interior and exterior display for the clients so they can get an idea from our designs and select the one that they like.

We not only provide event management services but we are also trained to offer the horticulture services from the one off work to the crown lifting along with the mature trees pruning and stump removal.

Garden Maintenance

Firstman gardening services offer wide range of gardening services that meet the requirements of the customer. We work in accordance with our client requirement and so, if you want a lawn cut or you want regular garden maintenance, our professional staff will help you in every possible way. Our team knows how to take your strain and let you relax in your garden.

Our staff carries formal qualification of gardening and thus they are properly uniformed in order to be identified easily. Our team is flexible enough to meet your changing needs related to the gardening. By offering client management system, we ensure that the specific tasks are given to the perfect team in order to be implemented and thus, any unnecessary problem or expense is avoided. We offer:

  • Soft landscaping including planting and turfing
  • Seasonal shrubs and herbs pruning
  • Border clearance and weeding
  • Garden clearance
  • Barking and mulching
  • Tree management
  • Pesticide or herbicide application
  • Lawn edging and mowing

Grounds Maintenance

Firstman gardening services offer similar attention to every detail for corporate grounds as it has been given to the residential gardens. We are aimed at maintenance of the grounds in such a way that they remain safe, clean, healthy and unusually attractive. Our team is skilled at managing your grounds so that you don’t have to worry and you can entirely focus on your business with the good landscape of your ground. We are focused on making our clients life easy by offering them good gardening that we can in one good package. We offer our ground maintenance services to all the retail or office grounds, larger commercial or domestic grounds, independent schools, estate agents companies, landlords, hotels and care homes.

Our ground maintenance services include:

  • Site specific risk assessment
  • Daily maintenance planning and schedule
  • Tree management and surgery
  • Hedge shape and cutting
  • Fence maintenance
  • Green waste management
  • Leaf clearance
  • Border planning and planting
  • Litter picking

Lawn Mowing

We are skilled to cut the lawns of every size and shape whether they are residential gardens or some acres of parkland. The paddocks and parklands are managed such that they offer one good natural look. On the other side, larger lawns are cut more closely in order to leave the striped finishing. We always ensure that the final lawn look is always exceptional and all the edges are completely trimmed while borders, beds and footpaths are looking tidy and neat.

Lawn Care

Along with the mowing, lawn care is also one of the important step of gardening. If left on its own, lawn will start deteriorating with the weed growth as well as nutrients removal from the ground. Thus, regular feed is needed in order to allow the grass to remain healthy without any weed interfering.Few lawns require aeration so that they don’t become dry and are allowed to breathe. Some others need regular treatment of moss and excess sacrifice of moss that is built over time.